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Pet Door For Doors


Pet doors for doors, Cat doors for doors, and dog doors for doors.

American Pet doors for doors come in 13 sizes and 3 colors White, Arizona beige and Dark Brown. Flap options are single or double, single is where there is 1 flap on the outside. Double flap is where there is a flap on the inside and outside creating air space between the flaps for insulation.

The locking panel is a full 1/4 inch thick and has a handle for easy closing and locking with a pin lock. Locking panels slide in from the top or sideways for different situations. Exterior locking panels are available for an extra charge making it double locking. Therefore this is a good option on larger pet door sizes for added security.

Regardless of the size pet, from the tiniest cat to largest Great Dane. Above all the Thermo Flap pet door will accommodate every breed of dog and cat. Be sure to use the Size chart to determine the proper size for your pet by his weight and height. The installation should have a rise from the floor so the pet can step though. The hieght should be at least 2″ above the pet back, so the flap is not creasing at the connection in the frame.

House Doors come in all types of materials and styles and are anywhere from 1 3/8″ thick to 2 1/4″ thick. Our dog doors and cat doors have a telescoping frame that makes it self framing. And can adjust to the thickness of your door. Thermo Flap Pet Doors for doors are made in the USA by American craftsmen and US sourced materials. Always clean your flaps as needed with warm dish soap, do not use cleaning agents. Ordering is simple using the drop down menus for your selection. Replacement parts are available like flaps, locking panels, and weather stripping kits. We also Manufacture Custom Sized pet doors for all types of installations.

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