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Pet Door Installation

Pet Door Installation. Concerned that your pet won’t be able to go outside to use the restroom or get some fresh air while you’re away?  Maybe you are just sick of having to get up to open the door every time Fido barks to go outside. American Pet Doors sells pet doors that come in a range of sizes, from those small enough for a cat to those big enough for a great dane.  

The Thermo Flap by American Pet Doors can be installed by most do it your self Homeowners or Carpenters. Pet doors come with color picture instructions with every Thermo Flap Pet Door. Always be sure to take safety precautions when working with any type of power tool. Use safety goggles and gloves for added protection while working.


Pet Door Installation Tips

Here are five tips to keep in mind when installing your new pet door by American Pet Doors:

  1. Choose the Right Location:  The location of your pet door is crucial for both your pet’s safety and your home’s security. We offer Pet doors For Walls, Doors, French Doors and Glass. Avoid installing your new pet door in places that are easily accessible to intruders or dangerous for your pet such as near a busy street or air conditioning unit.
  2. Measure Carefully:  Make sure to measure your pet correctly to ensure the pet door is the right size.  Take into account the width and height of your pet and add a few inches to make sure they can comfortably go through the door.
  3. Consider Insulation:  Our pet doors are offered with a single flap or double flap option.  Our double flap option offers the best insulation to avoid cold or hot air from escaping or entering your home which will help maintain your home’s temperature and help you save on energy bills.
  4. Use Proper Tools and Materials:  Installing your new pet door requires proper tools and materials, such as a jigsaw, a drill, a measuring tape, caulk and screws.  Make sure to follow our color picture instructions which are included with every Thermo Flap Pet Door to ensure a secure and stable installation.
  5. Train Your Pet:  Once the door is installed, make sure to train your pet to use it correctly.  Start by holding the door flap open and encouraging your pet to go through it.  Reward them with praise and treats when they use the door, and be patient as they get used to it.

By following these pet door installation tips, you can ensure a successful pet door installation that benefits both you and your furry friend.

Pet Doors 100% Made In The USA

With a wide variety of options, American Pet Doors offers quality pet doors that suit just about every pet door installation situation possible.  Have questions?  Give us a call at 1-844-PET-DOOR (738-3667).

Pet Doors For Doors

One of our most popular options. Click here to shop our Pet Door In Doors option.

Pet Doors For Walls

Our most popular pet door installation option especially for housing locations with access to backyards. Click here to shop our Pet Door In Walls option.

Pet Doors For French Doors

Decorative and useful. This option allows you to keep your French Door and still have a pet door installed. Click here to shop our Pet Door In French Doors option.

Pet Doors For Glass

Best for smaller animals. Click here to shop our Pet Doors for Glass option.

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