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Pet Door For Walls


Pet doors for walls for your dog or cat come in 13 sizes and 3 colors. From small dogs or a cat flap to extra large dogs we have a size for your pet. You can choose single flap or double flap insulated for your wall installation. The  double flaps create dead air space between the flaps protecting the home from the elements outside. The locking panel is 1/4 ” thick with a handle and locking pin. Exterior locking panels are available for added security on extra large sizes. The double flap wall entry is the most common for dog doors and cat doors being installed in a wall.

Installing a wall pet door is a great option as you can choose numerous locations in your home. It is always best to get a doggie door 1 size bigger for more comfort because of the walls thickness. Positioning for a wall is critical making sure the flap connection is at least 2″ above the dog back on the larger sizes. This will keep the flap from creasing at the connection and prolong flap life.

The pet door has a 12″ aluminum tunnel ( wall flashing ) that is the same color as the frame and can be cut down to the walls thickness. Thermo Flap Pet Doors come with the  Paw Pad Carpet Kit that goes on the bottom of the aluminum tunnel to protect your pets paws. In the summer when the pet door is directly in the sun the aluminum can get hot to touch. Installing the PAW PAD will protect their paws when going in or out.  When installing in your wall use the best construction practices and safety precautions. Most Carpenters or Contractors would be a wise choice for installation.

We also make custom sized pet doors for walls. Custom sizes can be made to a existing hole, frame size or flap size for your project needs.



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